It’s not foreign to see young men from the culture celebrating life, throwing big boy parties and making any link up a litty affair. But from as early as 2009 you saw the captions, you saw the Instagram pics and you saw what the parties was looking like.

Every time the camera hits them they are posing or having a good time — and it’s infectious.

You’ll see a photo like ? taken in front of a backdrop with their logo.

Come on — not all events have backdrops.

Backdrops were mainly used at award shows to give actors the main spotlight before the long queue of guests were waiting in line for their own backdrop picture. It’s simple, they was there, you wasn’t.

These days it’s a lot easier to get out there with the right positioning. Our phones always in our hands so that backdrop photo is getting shared on all the socials — no one needs to question if you was there or not.

That’s what ROC boys understand.

On top of that their events welcome the most flamboyant in London’s Urban Scene. It is a dress to impress event! They have had all white parties, parties hosted by the well-known Tim WestWood and DJ Self from Love & Hip Hop NY is surely local.

Champagne and Ciroc is on deck!

ROC BOYS really know how to party Champagne and Ciroc is always flowing!

Moet & Cups
ROC Boys serve their guest in the CupsPrinted cups for their VIP on the night. ?they know how to make their VIP guests feel special and it won’t take you long to notice ‘who’s who’.

Where they go, the name goes

Recently one of the ROC Boys was spotted in Brazil with their custom cup — nuff said.